Easter in Sweden 2014

Had some pretty sweet days in our family's cabin in Sweden! And just to clarify, it is just an air gun, and it was on our own property, so nothing was harmed! (besides some cans!)


World Half Marathon Championships Copenhagen 2014

Today I went to Copenhagen with my friend Mathias Eis Schultz, to capture some shots from the World Half Marathon Championships in Copenhagen. Lots of energy and good vibes in the street, with people cheering at the runners. Nice warm weather with a lot of sun too!

No, it is not your screen, the lens really went foggy for some reason.


LGBT demonstration against Uganda's anti-gay law

Finally been shooting something digital again after so much analog photography! Today i went with my friend Mathias Eis Schultz to Hellerup, to do do some photo-journalism! Lots of colors. That law is crazy man.